Angela Ahrendts

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Angela Ahrendts

CNBC Feb 2019: compensation Apple $26.5 million, she will leave the company in April Business Insider Sep 2019: $24.2 million dollar Guardian Jan 2017: Other Apple executives also had their pay decreased, although only by an average of 9.6%. The senior vice president of retail, Angela Ahrendts, was Apple’s top named executive earner, paid $22.9m for 2016. Times May 2015: Angela Ahrendts, the Burberry CEO-turned-Apple retail chief, was the highest-paid woman in the U.S. last year. She earned $82.4 million in 2014 after she took over the role of Apple’s vice president of retail and online stores. Bloomberg values her pay package currently at $105.5 million.


Update: 2019-2